2022 Greek Films on Demand

The Greek Films On Demand film series presents two Greek films each month. Beginning the first Sunday of every month until the day before the first Sunday of the following month, films can be streamed on any device, anywhere around the world, on any day of the week.

Directed by Argyris Papadimitropoulos

2016 / 104 mins
In Greek with English subtitles

Cast: Makis Papadimitriou (Kostis), Elli Tringou (Anna), Dimi Hart (Jason), Hara Kotsali (Alin), Yannis Tsortekis (Takis), Maria Kallimani (Tzina), Syllas Tzoumerkas (Orestis).

This cautionary tale unfolds in the summer, when the quiet island of Antiparos comes to life. A lonely, middle-aged doctor falls in love with a much younger woman and, what begins as one man’s quest to recapture his lost youth, quickly turns into obsession and embarrassment.

This film, which has achieved cult status in Greece, is intended for adult audiences (nude beach scenes).

New York Times Critic’s Pick: “Replete with sometimes startling imagery…, Suntan captures a set of specific feelings: the exhilaration and embarrassment of falling, followed by the desperate denial that one has landed in a very bad place.” – Glenn Kenny, The New York Times

Winner of six Hellenic Film Academy Awards, including Best Film,
Best Director, and Best Actor

Screened May 6-15, 2022

Directed by Panos Koutras

2014 / 134 mins

Cast: Kostas Nikouli (Danny), Nikos Gelia (Odi), Yannis Stankoglou (Vangelis Christopoulos), Marisha Triantafyllidou (Vivi), Aggelos Papadimitriou (Tassos)

After the death of their Albanian mother, two brothers, one gay and one straight, head to Thessaloniki in search of the Greek father who abandoned them many years ago. While the relationship between the brothers is conflicted, the protective fraternal bond they share gives the film an emotional ballast that is both compelling and disarmingly engaging.

Not appropriate for young audiences.

Winner, six Hellenic Film Academy Awards, including Best Picture and Best Director.
Official selection, Un Certain Regard, Cannes 2014

“Both the story and the performances are packed with raw emotion…You come away from Xenia feeling a bit more alive and ready to throw caution to the wind.” – Stephen Holden, The New York Times

Screened May 6-15, 2022

Directed by Alex Sipsidis

2017/92 minutes
In Greek with English subtitles

Cast: Michalis Oikonomou (Giannis), Dimitris Imelos (Stavros), Raschmie Soukouli (Lena), Giorgos Adamantiadis (Nikos), Themis Panou (Angelos), Tzo Papanikolaou (Giorgos), Dimitris Kapetanakos (Fotis), Fotini Levogianni (Maria)

Director Alex Sipsidis brings American savvy to this smart jigsaw puzzle of a movie. Following the theft of the fabulous Blue Queen diamond, one mobster after another tries to lay claim to the gem. Dishonor among thieves reigns supreme as the aftermath of the robbery is examined from four different points of view, with each change of perspective adding new twists and turns to the level of intrigue.

Screened April 1-10, 2022

Directed by Maria Lafi

2018/99 min
In Greek with English subtitles

Cast: Nena Menti (Thalia), Luli Bitri (Adia), Spyros Balesteros (Ige), Samuel Akinola (Manou), Anastasia Rafaela Konidi (Lena), Meletis Georgiadis (Lena’s father)

The lives of four strangers living in a multicultural neighborhood of Athens are upended when, on Palm Sunday, a mailbox is blasted by local teenagers, and vital documents are destroyed. The consequences of the loss are devastating as the four try to piece their lives back together again. Generational and ethnic differences add to the tensions in this thoroughly engrossing drama, nominated for two Hellenic Film Academy Awards.

When Holy Boom was last presented at the New York Greek Film Expo the screening sold out.

Screened April 1-10, 2022

Directed by Angelos Frantzis

2019 / 123 mins
In Greek, with English subtitles

Cast: Karyofyllia Karampeti (older Eftyhia), Katia Goulioni (younger Eftyhia), Pygmalion Dadakarides (Giorgos Papagiannopoulos), Dina Michailidou (Marioga), Thanos Tokakis (Loukas), Evagelia Siriopoulou (Mary), Andreas Konstantinou (Nikos Alexiou)

This song-filled, award-winning biographical drama, starring Katia Goulioni in another mesmerizing performance, tells the story of the indomitable Eftyhia Papagiannopoulou, who escaped the burning of Smyrna and went to Athens where she became a seminal figure in Greek popular music, the beloved lyricist of Greece.

Winner of eight 2020 Hellenic Film Academy Awards, including Best Film, Best Actor (Dadakarides), Best Supporting Actress (Goulioni), and Best Supporting Actor (Tokakis).

Winner of the 2021 New York Greek Film Expo Audience Award for most popular film.

During the film’s New York premiere at the New York Greek Film Expo last October, both screenings sold out.

Screened March 4-13, 2022

Directed by Vasilis Christofilakis

2017 / 107 mins
In Greek, with English subtitles

Cast: Vasilis Christofilakis (Vasilis/Bill David), Kitty Paitazoglou (Goldy), Nicol Drizi (Helen), Lena Ouzounidou (Mother), Zissis Roubos (Alpha clerk), Constantina Mihail (Constantina Gavriil)

This smart, award-winning comedy follows a young, anxiety-plagued movie director with one failed cult film on his resume. When he is forced to raise money to film a screenplay he detests, the hapless hero’s only chance of coming out ahead hangs on his ability to ignore other people’s wishes and find his own path to success.

Winner of three awards at the Thessaloniki International Film Festival 2017: The FIPRESCI Prize for Best Greek Film, the ERT “New Cinema” Award, and the Greek Film Centre award for Best Debut Feature.

Screened March 4-13, 2022