2021 Always on Sunday on Demand

The Always on Sunday On Demand film series presents two Greek films each month. Beginning the first Sunday of every month until the day before the first Sunday of the following month, films can be streamed on any device, anywhere around the world, on any day of the week.

Written and directed by Manoussos Manoussakis

Screenplay by Ada Gourbali and Manoussos Manoussakis

Cast: Andreas Konstantinou (Vassilis Tsitsanis), Haris Fragoulis (Yorgos), Christina Hilla Fameli (Estrea), Vasiliki Troufakou (Lela), Yannis Stankoglou (Gianko)

2015 /116 mins
This film is in Greek with English subtitles

In 1943, as the persecution of the Jewish community in Nazi-occupied Thessaloniki escalates, a young Christian man falls in love with a Jewish woman. Their only refuge of sorts is a nightclub owned by the young man’s brother-in-law, Vassilis Tsitsanis, who is in his creative prime as a composer of rebetika. Traditional Sephardic music and Tsitsanis’ lilting melodies add to the poignancy of this enthralling drama about love and the horrors of war. The Forward calls it “a powerful, melancholy text that has important implications for contemporary struggles.”

Winner of three Hellenic Film Academy Awards.

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Directed by Roy Sher

Documentary 90 mins / 2011
This film is in English, Greek, and Hebrew, with English subtitles

Three young musicians––an Israeli, a Turk and a British–born Greek Cypriot––embark on a mission to tell the story and explore the music of legendary Greek singer Roza Eskenazy. A Sephardic Jew born in Constantinople and raised in Thessaloniki, Eskenazi became the most recorded singer of rebetika, a genre described as Greek blues, in a career that spanned from the 1920s into the 1970s. Many of her songs, originally sung in Greek, Turkish, Armenian and Ladino, are reprised in this rousingly exuberant documentary that delves into why the singer’s music remains relevant today.

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